Is camo going away?

Hell no! Camo had its debuts as a trend on the beginning of last year and this year it will be stronger as ever. So when you scroll pass that camo military jacket or bomber while online shopping, scroll right the fuck up and add that shit to your bag, because it will be baggin’ this year!


There are a lot of pieces you can buy in camo, but the ones I reckon will be huge hit are military jackets and bombers. And cammo works well in a vast range of colors if you know which to pick and style. Here I’ll give you a few examples, khaki, black (of course, the holy grail of colors), white, stone, and even camel, so as you can see, wide array of colors that you can play with. Take a look at Drake  lookin’ fresh as hell in camo.

Drake rock in’ the OVO camo hoodie

Notice even how the golden pops so well on cammo? That might just be a hint on how to accessorize that mofo.


Depending on your lifestyle you have to adapt, but that doesn’t mean that if you work a 9 to 5 that you shouldn’t wear cammo or because cammo isn’t work friendly. It sure can be if you use it maybe in a tie if you have that suit job or even a cammo dress shirt (yes they exist, and no they don’t look stupid). Here take a look.

How badass those this fool look?

I told you man! This mofo looks ballin’ and he hit all those fashion notes right in the sweet spot! Now don’t dare telling me you can’t go to your super client meeting dressed in camo, looking sharp as fuck.

And if you lead a more casual lifestyle that doesn’t require dress codes, just go ahead and buy some kind of camo piece, sneakers, hoodies, bombers, pants, and dad hats, anything and just play with the colors I told you about and you’ll be lookin’ sick.

Check how A$AP Rocky is keepin’ it real with that camo military jacket and that oversized backpack that only him could pull off.

Rocky in that camo x khaki combo!

Now tell me that camo is out fashioned and that only rappers can pull it off with no consequence, I dare you!

Just to end in a high note, here, gaze upon these beautiful sneakers and drool.

Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle Cammo

Now get out of here and go buy yourself some camo!


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