Fishnets and super distressed mom jeans


This is the new crazy! Let’s begin by talking about fishnets by itself. It has always been seen a kind of punk rock or even slutty kind of piece. However days have changed and it’s now going to be one of your must haves in your closet. They are super stylish and can bring your outfit to a whole new level of sassyness! So don’t be too quick to judge on them…

Here, look how cool and sexy they can make you look

Fishnet over thong keeping you sexy to show your ex what he’s losing

Yeah I know what you might say, no way in this life I’ll ever take pictures like that and so on and so on, but just give it a try, they aren’t even that expensive to start with. And if you are one of those girls that might just take a picture like that, girl, this is a must for you, don’t even think twice!


Now let’s talk about super distressed mom jeans, I know everyone knows by now what mom jeans are, and you might just have a pair sitting on your closet. Now imagine distressed mom jeans… I know right freaking cool… Now imagine SUPER distressed mom jeans, now you can imagine how amazingly beautiful they might be. Take a look!

Super distressed mom jeans and perplex heels, unreal combo!

Jeez, how beautiful and stylish is that!? Add your favorite heels and a nice top to it (bodies work even better, believe me) and you’ll look stunning! You can show off that little excess skin (that guys love), without even actually showing something you shouldn’t and making you look sexy and stylish!


Now since I talked about both of those trends, why not put them together? Two awesome trends together can only make an even more amazing trend! And girl am I right… Just slip on to your fishnets and put your super distressed mom jeans on top and you’ll look like a freaking god touched diva! Take a peek!

Mom jeans and fishnests lookin’ stunning

Super beautiful outfit, right? Just look how cool she looks and how ready she his to slay pass her ex. No words can describe it!


Fishnets, Distressed Mom Jeans and a nice pair of Heels is all you need to look as stylish as you’ve ever been! And notice that little hint of fur hanging out of her? Go check my other post on furs and see how you should buy one!

It just blows my mind how these two trends go so well together and how they complete each other, it’s like we were being asked to paired them together! Just… No words.




Kim Kardashian slayin’ in that fishnet and mom jeans combo!

Another example of how Kim Kardashian actually always keeps ahead of trends before even existing. Lookin’ like the usual Kim showing a bit more than she should, but hell can you blame her?

You should definitely try your best to get your hands on these two!



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