How to rock studded jackets

Studded jackets, jeans and boots are really really popular. They really are what you might just need to up your game.

So if you’re wondering about buying one of those and you’re afraid because it won’t match your style? Just go ahead and buy it, don’t even worry about none of that, you know why? Because they are one of the easiest and stylish items you can add to your collection.

Let’s say you decide to buy a studded dark denim or leather jacket. Well you don’t even have to think about anything just throw a simple white top or t-shirt, your favorite dark jeans and top it off with your best pair off boots and it doesn’t even matter if it’s chelsea boots or combat boots, both look amazing. If you keep it simple you can’t go wrong, trust me!

Take a look at this outfit from the Balmain 2017 Fall collection see what I’m talkin’ about.

Balmain studded biker jacket from Balmain 2017 Fall collection

I know he’s a model and he has pricy pieces on, but let’s just break his outfit down. Dark chelsea boots, dark jeans, and a black and white patterndd sweater (okay I missed the black and white sweater but those are options). Noticed how he kept it simple? You don’t need much to rock these badboys, just throw it on and spread your magic!

But be my guest if you want to up your outfit even more with maybe some aviator frames and some silver rings and bracelets, that’s all up to you and your preferences.





Check out Thuggas’ studded Moschino Jacket pair with some dope acessories, like those sick grandient tint aviator frames and all that ice.

Young Thug killin’ it with his studded biker leather jacket

See just how right I was about how you should build your outfit around your studded jacket. A$AP Rocky rockin a dope combo…

A$AP Rocky white tee and dark jeans combo

Yeah they all look fucking fly and shit why shouldn’t you? Go buy your damn studded jacket already.




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