Get yo fur befur it’s too late

Furs have always been a big part of high end fashion and small elites of people, but lately the game has shifted!

Now fur jackets and fur in general has been trending more than ever, and shiiiiiiiet it’s a damn fine trend. Fur is available for everyone now, and if you know how to style it, you’ll be the flyest mofo in the universe.

Here’s Yeezy rockin’ that wolf fur…


Of course that not everyone can afford those high-end, expensive as fuck furs, but there are a few solutions like faux-furs from anykind of trendy shop. Like ASOS or even ZARA have really affordable and stylish pieces. Even if that is too pricy for you, damn just go trift shopping and buy the whole store with a few bucks and you probably will find some hidden gems.

Look at these two fine ass coats on ASOS:


And they aren’t even that expensive! So be sure to check them out if you wanna look just as fly as them, or shit even more.

Every one has been rockin’ these types of coats and as you can see they sure look stylish as fuck. Pair that good higher end coat with some kind of more distressed clothing to show them you that you actually don’t give a fuck about how people usually wear it. Or just pair it with your best suit to make all them haters hate you even more!

rocky-faux I mean look at Rocky, he don’t give a fuck about what you think and he’s looking damn fly doin’ it.

That beanie with those vans and those plain black pants, might have you lookin’ like you goin’ to the bakery or some shit. Add a fur coat and some chains to it and you’ll be lookin’ like you just came out of the strip club after spending way too many bandz.

Ain’t that the life…


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  1. howeydon says:

    Great article , definitely one of the boldest fashion blogs for men 👌🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vgtrends says:

      Thanks man, I really appreciate it!


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