Old school vintage frames

Fashion keeps changing and it can be overwhelming to try to keep up with it. Trends tend to come and go as we all know.

But lately one trend to keep an eye out for, is FRAMES. Especially that stylish vintage frames from the 70’s and 80’s, that give you that movie star who isn’t a movie star kinda look. They are a must in your fashion acessories pick, and they can take your whole look to a new level.


See what I mean? That throwback, I don’t give a shit but I do kind of style.This is a major trend for 2017, and if I were you I’d do my best to get my hands on one.

Important thing, make those frames BIG and with a nice vintage tint to your lenses. That is what brought this trend back and what makes it so cool.

Here let me show a few more examples…


Did you notice those sleek tinted lenses? Yeah I thought so. The styles, colors and frames are endless and each and every one of them should have a place in your outfit.

Although if you are afraid of being to flashy, don’t worry, there is answer to your problem. Just go with a pair of old school clear frames (and yes even if your eyesight is spot on). So peep these ones out

vintage frames 3.PNG

I know right? Simple, clear and it’s just gonna make you look way better, trust me.


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